Plasma Mandrill (Purazuma Mandoriru) is one of Dr. Kevorkian's eight primary experiments, inhabiting the Abandon Power Plant outside of Station Square. Formerly a mandrill monkey, he was repurposed by the Doctor, and made to serve more malicious causes. Plasma Mandrill can be fought in the Mobius roleplay, but will only appear if special conditions are met.

History Edit

Once a peaceful Mobian, Plasma Mandrill was kidnapped by G.U.N, genetically mutated by the scientist Dr. Kevorkian. Originally intended to provide power to G.U.N bases, he uses his electric abilities for violence, after the Doctor had a falling out with G.U.N. He is the first of eight other experiments, each intended to terrorize Mobius. His allies include Frost Penguin, Tornado Eagle, Hydro Octopus, Cutter Beetle, Pyro Mammoth, Armored Anteater, Missile Bee, and X-51. All of which have taken aim at the maverick experiment Clash the Hedgehog.

Personality Edit

Though mutated, Plasma Mandrill still has a calm state of mind, and is a relative pacifist. He is very difficult to anger, and is level-headed and wise about every situation he is placed in. Despite his foresight of things, he still follows the wrong leader blindly, believing his actions are justified.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Robotic prosthetics and genetic enhancement have made Plasma Mandrill a master of electric manipulation. His main weapon is the Thunder Canon, a beam which shoots a cluster of seven small shock waves in random directions, stunning a target if hit. WHile his weapon is powerful, Plasma Mandrill is weak against blades and sharp objects, receiving more damage from weapons as such.