Welcome to the Planet Mobius WikiEdit

Welcome to Mobius! (well, wiki version of Mobius) For all the Mobius users we know from our chat( ), That got created by "Sonic the Hedgehog" the boss- and also me.

However, This "Mobius Planet" isn't giving a news from the games or comics or stuff, It is just created for the Mobius users, Even if you weren't a Mobius user, It is still okay.

Everyone is welcome, Talk and share bios and other stuff about your character and do other things.

Have fun.

Mobians Of Mobius!Edit

Clank The Skeleton Hedgehog - Clank was a criminal at a young age, he had brown and white fur, a standard hedgehog look but was killed at 40 in a gang fight, he spent 150 years in hell until he finally escaped as a ghost, but he could only possess his own body so he did, but his body had decomposed and was a skeleton, he then goes on a journey, trying to prove his kindness to get to heaven but is followed by demons named Dracul and Snow, he has not seen them in the present but theyare hunting him down, at first he was a normal skeleton, then his head blew up and he got a microwave head, then he went grave digging and found it, he became a medic as he discovered the healing power he had with a black trench coat, then he got a cowboy suit, a cowboy repeater and a magnum and now he has his trench coat back with a blunderbuster, his power is a black energy that can grab people or knock them down...

Latest activityEdit

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