Frost Penguin (Shimo Pengin) Is one of Dr. Kevorkian's eight primary experiments, inhabiting the Frozen Bunker out in the frozen regions of Mobius. Formerly a peaceful penguin, he was repurposed by the Doctor, and made to serve more malicious purposes. Frost Penguin can be fought in the Mobius roleplay, but will only appear if special conditions are met.

History Edit

Once a peaceful Mobian, Frost Penguin was kidnapped by G.U.N, genetically mutated by the scientist Dr. Kevorkian. Originally intended to freeze enemy bases, and disable proximity mines, he uses his freezing abilities for violence, after the Doctor had a falling out with G.U.N. He is the first of eight other experiments, each intended to terrorize Mobius. His allies include Plasma Mandrill, Tornado Eagle, Hydro Octopus, Cutter Beetle, Pyro Mammoth, Armored Anteater, Missile Bee, and X-51. All of which have taken aim at the maverick experiment Clash the Hedgehog.

Personality Edit

Frost Penguin is extremely brash and bossy, quick to anger when others fail to meet expectations. He is blames others and makes excuses for when his own plans don't work out, and can act like childish when things won't go his way. He follows Dr. Kevorkian by force and choice, seeing that terrorism is more fun than working for G.U.N.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Robotic prosthetics and genetic enhancement have made Frost Penguin much more dangerous than average Mobians. In his arsenal he uses his primary weapon, Shotgun Ice. A weapon that shoots a large icicle, which bursts into smaller icicles after hitting an object. However, Frost Penguin is weak against fire, and receives more damage from sources using such.